Hey, I'm Chels Aps.

A little bit Flower Child / A little bit Rock n' Roll.

I don’t keep up with fashion trends.

I can’t stand the "mouth - feel" of mango juice.

Watching adult cartoons is my nightmare.


I am a headband enthusiast, lover of retro RVs, and a proud Hamiltonian. Also, the first thing I try at a new restaurant will forever be the only thing I eat there.

       ▴ ▴ ▴



Supporting small businesses and startups through high-quality, soul-stirring logos, branding + websites.


I am 29 years old and have been doing graphic design for about eighteen+ years. Doesn’t seem legit, right? Why + how was a ten year old designing anything?


Answer: My Mama has been a graphic designer for thirty-four years and as a kid she was constantly instilling appreciation for the creative process in me. Instead of toys, I got craft kits. Instead of video games, I got Adobe Photoshop ... and InDesign ... and Corel Draw. You get it.


My love for graphic design started super young and I’ve been using these design programs ever since (although, now I've added Illustrator to my repertoire). Ma has taught me everything I know about the fundamentals of good design. And I have taught her everything I’ve learned about taking those fundamentals and bending them (sometimes a lot) to create something new. The woman is a saint and a creative genius, and I have her to thank for this passion of mine.


I absolutely love supporting small businesses and startups in their visual identity [see "The Mission"]. I've had the opportunity to work with some awe-inspiring individuals with a huge passion for their craft! I’ve created everything from a logo for a metal manufacturing company, to a website for a non-profit organization, to a full branding suite for a colour and style consultant in Cali.


▴ Authenticity : I won’t be anything that doesn’t align with who I am - and I won’t try to turn you into anything that doesn’t align with who you are.

          au·​then·​tic | \ ə-ˈthen-tik

          : true to one's own personality, spirit, or character 

          “is sincere and authentic with no pretensions”

▴ Creativity : This would be a pretty terrible design studio if creativity wasn’t one of the fundamental values. Over here I nerd out over strong imagery, clever ideas, and original concepts.

▴ Transparency : I've put everything out there for you to see, from workflows, timelines, expectations, to pricing - as much as we all love surprises, you won’t find any here.

▴ Collaboration : This is your business; your baby - it’s essential you’re part of the journey. But, I’ve done my best to streamline the process to make it as easy (and time-saving) as possible for you.

▴ Sustainability : The ultimate goal is simple: to help you build a visual foundation that will establish credibility and grow brand recognition for your business.