Chels aps graphic design CA monogram lion head logo alternates submark sienna and navy
chels aps graphic design brand board sienna and navy lion head retro design modern design alternates submark color palette secondary colors tyopgraphy hierarchy

THE Logo Studio

$650 CAD

2 - 4 week process

The Logo Studio is for the small business owner looking to level up their visual brand identity. Whether you need a logo refresh or are just getting your business off the ground - this package is the perfect place to start. Bring your ideas to the table and together we'll create a high-quality logo that encapsulates the essence of your business.

Intentionally-crafted, expertly designed logos:

▴ set your business apart from others in your industry

▴ grab buyers' attention

▴ create strong + lasting first impressions

▴ tell a visual story of who you are + what you do

▴ serve as the foundation of your brand identity

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