Reach Out Niagara Website Chels Aps Graphic Design


$2000 CAD

4 - 6 week process

The Soul-Stirring Site is essential to the time-deficient entrepreneur. You know you need an online presence in the age we live in, but don’t have the time / patience / energy to build your website. Let me get you set up with a unique, thoughtfully designed website that will showcase your ingenuity and professionalism. 


All websites are created using the Wix website building platform. Wix allows for endless customization and tools to grow your business. It is no-doubt the easiest platform to train clients on, so that you’ll be totally confident in your ability to maintain your site. (What - did you think I’d build you a site then leave you high and dry? Not a chance.) As soon as your site goes live, we book a training session to familiarize you with your new, quality-crafted website. To learn more about what Wix is all about and why I will forever use it to support start-ups and business owners in their goals, read the blog.

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